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Why Running from Bullies is Never the Answer

This morning I am working on the projects that have been cooking in my kitchen when I almost shot coffee right out of my nose…

It happened because in all the time I've been spending cooking up the new goodies for parents or adults dealing with bullying, I realized I haven't written to you in forever.

Bad Sensei.

Well, have no fear; I am still in the ring, swinging against bullying in all forms and I have some great programs right around the corner that I will be sharing with you very soon.  In the meantime, I received an e-mail from a reader who has his take on how to deal with bullying.  Here it is:

"Hi Sensei Huff

Talking about bullying
, I think we should not put our self or our kids into situation where the bullies can take advantage. If it happens in the school, then I will prefer to move my kids to other better school. Because I believe, the number of bullies indicates how bad the school is. I don't want my kids take study in a bad school.

My point is, we should choose which environment we are going to live in.




Thank you for your feedback.  I am going to agree with you – halfway.

You are correct in saying you should choose the environment where there are no bullies, that way you don't have to deal with it.  But, what happens if you did your best to choose the best environment and there are still bullies?

I know from my experience in working with parents with kids in prestigious private schools to adults who work in Fortune 500 companies who ALL have been bullied, even though they were in good environments.

If you or your child gets bullied, your only answer cannot be to just "pick a better environment"; when we do that, we aren't developing our mental and emotional muscles by facing the bully and doing what it takes to take back our power and overcome the situation.  We aren't learning to deal with our problems and challenges – we are running from them or trying to avoid them.

Unfortunately, you can look everywhere in society right now – and sadly, in our government – and see example after example of how ignoring or moving away from problems has only made them worse.

As one of my favorite sayings states:  "Problems rarely get better with age."

Stay tuned for tons of good stuff, all designed to help you take back your power from the bullies, energy suckers and negative b.s in your life.

To your best,

Sensei Huff

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