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Born William Harrison Huff Jr. in Misawa, Japan to American parents, he was raised in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida.

Described by his parents as spirited, ornery, feisty, hyperactive and more – Huff was a handful for his parents, getting kicked out of several private schools, acting out against authority, hanging out with the wrong crowd in the local neighborhood and heading down the wrong road in his young life.

What his parents didn’t know – and what Huff buried himself and did not remember until he was almost forty – was that he had been molested by a family friend at age four, and that incident was what contributed to many of his behavior problems.

As horrible as the experience was, it also was a blessing, as it changed the course of Huff’s life and shaped his decisions, personality and ultimately, his life’s work.

Music Changes the Course of His Life

One summer, his mother made him do something that changed the course of his life.

He discovered how to channel his energy and combine passion with the discipline of practice when he discovered music at age ten. He met his best friends for life – thirty-three years and going strong – got away from the wrong crowd, settled down, started doing better in school and his life started changing for the better.

By the time he was in high school, he was a decorated musician, culminating in winning the Outstanding Soloist Award at the State Championship, as well as being the featured soloist at halftime of a Miami Dolphin football game in the Orange Bowl.

Standing Up to the First Bully

As a freshmen, Huff was picked as the target of a bully for the first time.

The bully had brothers and for some reason, decided Huff was an easy target; as a skinny, asthmatic band geek with zero athletic ability and no confidence, Huff WAS an easy target.

Ariel began waiting for Huff every day during gym class and after lunch, verbally and physically harassing Huff. Huff was taught to “Turn the Other Cheek” and “Walk Away” by his well-meaning parents, but it wasn’t working.

After a few weeks, Huff was depressed, skipping classes and starting to skip school. One day, it came to a head…

Cornered by the bully and being physically slapped around and pushed to the point of tears, Huff snapped. Grabbing the bully, he did a combination push/trip, taking the bully down, where they bully got the wind knocked out of him.

Stunned, Huff ran away. The bully never bothered Huff again.

It was Huff’s first experience at standing up for himself and a lesson he would never forget.

Life-Changing Failure

A huge history and military buff growing up, Huff gets into a Junior ROTC program in high school, with desires to win a scholarship, go to college and become an officer.

Excelling in the JROTC program to second in command, Huff wins a scholarship to a two year military college. Upon arriving at the school and experiencing the hazing and tough physical and mental environment – he quits.

He signs away his college scholarship, his military career and walks off the campus with no money in his pocket, the clothes on his back and no way to get home – stranded deep in the heart of Georgia.

Upon returning home, he is shunned for months by his father, who is disappointed and realizes the opportunity that Huff has given away. After working three jobs for months – digging ditches as a plumber’s assistant, working at a gym and working at a seafood restaurant at night – Huff starts to burn under the embarrassment and realization that he is a quitter.

Not wanting to be a quitter, he starts looking for the toughest thing he can think of to prove to himself and his father that he is man, tough enough to handle anything…

Without a word to anyone, he drives down and enlists in the United States Marines.

From Life-Changing Failure to Best Decision Ever Made

In 1988, he enlisted in the U.S Marines. Determined to prove to himself and everyone else that he no quitter and one of the best, he becomes the Honor Graduate of Platoon 3029 at Recruit Training at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina, eventually reporting to duty at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California in the summer of 1988.

Huff served four years here, including deployments to the Far East as well as service in the First Gulf War in August of 1990.

From Music to His Second Love – Martial Arts

While serving in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Huff began studying martial arts and hand-to-hand combat with a fellow Marine who was a black belt.

Instantly falling in love with the martial arts, he enrolled in a martial arts school as soon as he returned from the Middle East, training four to five hours a day, six days a week. He soon discovered that he a natural aptitude for the martial arts and was a fast learner.

It was here that he discovered that if you put in more time than anyone else, and worked harder than anyone else, you learned, grew and achieved faster than everyone else.

It was while studying the martial arts that he made another life-changing decision – he wanted to be a martial arts instructor.

From Desert Storm Veteran to Martial Artist & Businessman

In 1992, at age 23, he took over a retail martial arts business with no business experience, no business management skills, no operating capital and thirty seven clients. Armed with nothing except a burning desire to succeed (and filled with terror at the thought of failing), he used his gift of gab and rudimentary selling skills to triple sales, revenues and client count within five months and maintained steady profitability for seventeen years.

By 1995, he had created operating systems that automated almost every aspect of the business, including the critical staff recruiting, training and operations. By age 26, he was semi-retired, visiting the business twice per week and enjoying his free time.

In 2001, bored and looking for a challenge, he enrolled himself in college full-time, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in three years.

Attending the University of Hard Knocks

In 2003, he made an ill-fated but valuable mistake – he jumped feet first into the management of a chain of eight underfunded retail service business, with improperly trained staff that were losing money every month.

Within two years, he had turned around six of the eight locations while learning the painful truths about what does and does NOT work when it comes to multiple location management of a business.

Another Life Changing Decision

Completely burned out and sick of dealing with the same problems over and over, he decided to tackle the one burning question that he faced constantly managing his own business and the multiple locations he had managed.

It was the same question faced by all entrepreneurs and small business owners – the one thing that keeps them up at night, stomachs tied up in knots, sweat forming in their brows with near panic building up in their chests…

“How can I systematically, automatically, month-in-and-month out, without fail, attract the right customers into my businesses so that I know exactly what my revenues, new client count, sales etc…will be, without spending any money that doesn’t create a return?”

This led him on a journey to invest years – and hundreds of thousands of dollars – into studying under, modeling and coaching with some of the biggest direct response online and offline marketers in the world.

From Musician to Martial Arts Master to
Bald Marketing Guy & World’s First Motivational Insultant™

Huff switched focus and charged head-first into the marketing & self-development world.

Taking lessons he had learned from music, the Marines, martial arts and his marketing mentors, he launched four web-based businesses, including one in a highly niched, highly competitive online market that went from zero to six figures in sales in less than eighteen months – with no advertising.

Huff has had featured articles published in a national martial arts publication, Inside Kung Fu Magazine and he has been interviewed as a guest expert on Bullying on The Bill Handel Show, Southern California’s #1 AM Talk Radio Show.

As a martial arts master, coach and consultant, he has personally coached thousands of men, women and children through martial arts training, as well as authored several “conventional wisdom” shattering books and programs, like “Bullies Suck: How to Stop Bullying & Cyber Bullying at School, Work & at Home” and “Bald Guy Marketing: the Small Business Marketing Survival Guide”.

He has also worked with small businesses and companies of all sizes – from start-ups to international companies – helping them create what he calls, Supercharged Marketing Systems™ that run almost on autopilot, all while attracting the right customers for their businesses.

By combining his experience as a survivor of molestation, a victim of bullying, being the child of divorced parents, his experience as a United States Marine serving in the First Gulf War, almost two decades practical, real-world online and offline small business sales, marketing and operation, Huff “cuts through the B.S.” and teaches your firsthand what does and does not work in bullying, small business marketing and self development.

When not running around like a hyperactive four year old, he enjoys following his beloved Miami Dolphins, exercising, practicing martial arts, performing in front of live audiences as the lead singer in a blues band, perfecting his grilling skills and spending time with the two most beautiful women in the world – his wife, Tina and his spitfire of a daughter, Haley Lee. (And Max, the Incredible Farting Bulldog.)

He is available on a very limited basis for consulting, coaching and speaking engagements. He can be reached by contacting williamhuffjr@gmail.com