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Why North Korea & Iran are America’s Fault

North Korea has stated that the threat of nuclear war has never been greater in history than right now.

Iran has just held what they call free and fair elections and their crazy midget of a leader and states that he is going to continue his behavior and even become more bold.

What is sad about all of this…is that it is our fault.

In my course – Bully Proof Kids – I talk about the psychology of bullies, why they bully, how they get their feeling of power and more importantly, how someone who is the target of a bully actually can attract and embolden a bully, even if they don't mean to or don't realize it.

This is exactly what is happening with these two countries and the international community.

As someone who has almost two decades of experience in dealing with people, their emotions, their motivations, how they think and what makes them tick, there are several strategies that always work when it comes to bullying.

The first thing to do is to break this situation down and to what it really is – two children throwing a temper tantrum to get attention. 

These two countries (leaders) are getting a feeling of superiority by making outrageous claims, exhibiting threatening and dangerous behavior, daring the international community to do or say something and when we do, they laugh at us and ignore the consequences.  Every time they misbehave and get away with it, they feel more and more emboldened and want to do it some more.

All you have to do is look at this like a martial arts class that has a rambunctious, spoiled little brat in it.  When I was teaching children martial arts, there was always someone in the class that was the Wisenheimer.  The smarty-pants.  The class clown. 

Wisenheimers want attention.  They want to feel control.  They may be bored and looking for some action.  The cardinal rule as an instructor dealing with a Wisenheimer is that you never, ever stop the class and directly address the Wisenheimer – you do that, and you have given him exactly what he wants – attention and in a small part, he is controlling what the instructor is doing.

That is that last thing you want.

So what do you do?  You find the child on the left and on the right of the Wisenheimer that is behaving, and you compliment and reward those kids. 

You keep going and ignore the Wisenheimer, constantly praising everyone else.  Depending on the toughness of the Wisenheimer  – and the smarts – he sooon figures out that if he wants attention, he'll act like the other kids and get it together.

When he does, you make sure you immediately praise and recognize the Wisenheimer – and move on.  Pretty soon, he's a part of the team.

If that doesn't work, you have to snipe him.

When I say snipe him, I mean that if you determine that the Wisenheimer just ain't gonna get it and will continue to be a distraction, then he has to go.  He can't be allowed to take away from everyone else and hold the class back. 

At the same time, you can't stop everything and put him in time out while the rest of the class stands around and twiddles their thumbs.

That means the Wisenheimer has to disappear.  Quietly.

To do that, I have another instructor silently come up next to the Wisenheimer, tap him on the shoulder, and escort him off the main training area.  They go to a corner or another part of the room where they can talk, figure out a strategy and go from there.

In the event that the Wisenheimer is unable to function in a group environment without distraction – he isn't allowed back.  Period.

With these two countries, we have repeatedly – with Iran, going back to the seventies – screwed this up.

As long as we continue to operate in the same fashion – strongly condeming, finger wagging, passing strong sanctions that do nothing that they laugh at – we are only going to make them even more defiant.

It's time to change tactics.  Either ignore them and go in a different direction entirely – working around them with their neighbors, developing and focusing on a "positive" agenda for the regions these two countries are in, making participation in whatever the agenda is so overwhelmingly a great idea that even two madmen would want to get in, or…

Start to look at – and develop the guts – to look at what it will take to stand up to these two.

Just like a bully, if you stand and do nothing or look for someone else to fixee-fixee – things will only get worse.

To Your Best,

Sensei Harrison Huff

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