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Why Bullying Doesn’t Stop on the Playground

You would think that certain behaviors we have as children we would grow out of as we grow older.

For example, my two-month old daughter loves to straighten her legs and clamp her thighs shut when Daddy is trying to change her diaper.  She thinks it hilarious when Daddy has to go through contortions to NOT get the poop from the diaper all over her.

I'm confident she will grow out of that…I hope.

Another example was the habit I had as a child to do the EXACT opposite of anything my parents or someone of authority told me to do – even if it was good for me.

I'm better at that now, but still struggle with it a little bit.

Unfortunately, one woman wrote to me and shared that her boss – at a Fortune 500 company – did NOT outgrow being a bully.  Want to hear the worst part?

She has been dealing with it for two years, reported it to HR, done everything she was "supposed" to do…and nothing has changed.

She wants to speak with me about how I can help her – she heard me on The Bill Handel Show, Southern California's #1 AM morning radio show – and wants to "Take Back Her Power".

This is typical of the problem that in the pandemic of bullying.

"Conventional Wisdom" says that you "turn the other cheek", "be the bigger person", "tell the teacher", "report it to HR" and other wimpy-azz drivel where you do the ONE THING that is the WORST THING you can do for your self-esteem and sense of well-being…

Give your power away to someone or something else.

You know when there is a problem, challenge, something bothering you in your life; you can feel it in your gut.  It's like a permanent case of background butterflies in your stomach.  You walk around with this feeling that you have done something naughty and you are just waiting to get caught, afraid of your own shadow.

I know – I have lived with that feeling before – for YEARS.  It sucks.  While your conscious mind is covering things up, making excuses, getting you to drink, watch tv, get into relationships or anything else to distract you from what is going on, your subconscious is prickling you with those feelings.

Why – because deep down, you know there is a problem and you are avoiding it.

Here's the part that trips everyone up – you don't THINK you are avoiding it because you are doing all the right things.  You did what you were told or taught to do, so you should feel better, right?

Wrong.  You don't.

You don't because you gave your power away.  You took the control over your life and your happiness and turned it over to someone or something else for them to handle.

That doesn't solve a thing – it makes things worse.

That's why people like this nice lady – who I am going to help – has discovered that while she has done all the right things, her situation hasn't improved and she has come down with stress-related illnesses.

It doesn't have to be this way.  All you have to do is resolve – deep down in your gut – that you are going to "Take Back Your Power" and stand up to these bullies in your life.

It could be a bad relationship, a bully boss, your financial situation that you have been ignoring, that twenty-five pounds you said you would lose or that career change you secretly have been yearning for but didn't have the stones to go after…

Tale back your power.  Attack those things that are giving you butterflies in your gut.  When you do, you'll be like a good friend of mine who finally walked away from something he loved to do, but could no longer do with his abusive Bully Boss.

He has never been happier, gotten more done or felt more energy.  He said he feels like a different person.

You can have that, too.  Take back your power, face the bullies in your life, stop listening to conventional wisdom.

You are worth it.

To your best,

Sensei Huff

P.S. – My course, "Bully Proof Kids" contains tips and techniques that adults and children can use on the bullies in their life.  Stay tuned for more courses designed specifically for adults, along with a new program where I will personally take you by the hand and coach you through the bullies in your life.

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