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Video Shows Why Martial Arts Training is Necessary to Defend Against Bullying

I have to warn you: the video assoicated with this post is graphic and disturbing.

I also have to warn you that I am about to do something I normally DO NOT do – I am going to SHAMLESSLY plug something that I think every parent should consider for their child when it comes to the subject of bullying.

Normally I will recommend or suggest ideas, products, philosophies and more on this site – that is what it is for; but, after seeing this video, my blood boiled to the point where I knew it was time to “stand on my desk” and break out my Marine Corps voice to make sure everyone gets the message.

So here we go:  just like every child needs to learn to read, write, and swim – every child needs to learn the martial arts.

Yes – I am a professional martial arts instructor; yes, I have martial arts products addressing bullying coming out very soon and this is a shameless plug for them; I have no problem with this because it is true.  Shameless plugs aside, there is no way you are going to be able to watch the following video without making the conclusion yourself that the teenager in this video would have been better off knowing how to defend himself than not.

When we are talking about martial arts training, we are not talking about taking martial arts training so your child can be a bully.  We aren’t talking about having your child going around, beating everyone up who looks at him sideways.  We are not talking about teaching your child that violence is the answer to anything…

What we are talking about is teaching our children the tools that allow them to protect themselves when someone is trying to do them physical harm.  We are also talking about all the empowering tools that martial arts training includes as a by-product – like an “I can and I will” attitude; the confidence that goes along with knowing that there isn’t anything your child can’t handle physically.  The strength that comes from not having fear of confrontation.

Imagine how much different your life would be if you had these traits right now and were using them in your daily personal and professional life; how much value and quality would that add to your life right now?

This is why martial arts training needs to be a mandatory tool to defend against bullying.

Check out this video and tell me what you think in the comments below…

To your best,


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