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The One Person Who Has the Most Influence On Your Life


Is it possible that throughout your entire life – from the moment of birth all the way to the Big Finish – that there can be ONE person that has the biggest impact on your life?


You mother and father – super important; without them, you don't even get in the game.  As humans, we are the only creatures in the wild that rely on our parents one hundred percent to care, feed and protect us after birth, so obviously, parents are way up there on the list.

But they are still not the top of the list.

You may have a coach or mentor – or several – that help you along the way.  A good coach or mentor can push you to achieve more, stretch yourself and attempt things you normally wouldn't try.  They can also challenge you by getting you to question your beliefs about yourself and "open your eyes" to new ways of looking at yourself and believing in your abilities.

This person is very important – but not the top.

Some people may say it is God, or the Church, or some other form of religion that is the top.  That is a very personal topic for each individual to answer for themselves, but I believe it is STILL not the top of the list.

There is only one person that has the single largest influence on you and your life; one person that is in charge of every aspect of your performance.

One person that can, at a moment's notice, change the direction and destination of your life almost instantly…


That's right; you.

You are the only person that is with you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

You are the only one that controls and listens to the "tape" that runs in your head about how successful you are, how attractive, how assertive, how capable, how everything you are.

You are the one who is in charge of your actions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  You.  No one else.

If you don't like yourself; if you are down on yourself, if you doubt yourself, if you think you are no good and go around day in and day out, thinking those thoughts and feeling those feelings…you will hate yourself and attract things, situations and people in to your life that you do not want, but are inline with how you feel about yourself.

But – on the other hand – if you are constantly telling yourselves good things about yourself, and then following that up with actions that get good results, then you feel better, you think more highly of yourself, your actions improve and cycle of empowerment continues to spiral upwards, bringing you more and more of what you want.

For your kids, if they don't like themselves, or they have a low opinion of themselves, it will reflect in how they walk, talk, carry themselves and the kind of energy they give off.  When they are in this less than peak energy level, that is when they can become the target of bullies.

Whether you are an adult or a parent of a child, what we think, believe and say about ourselves reflects in our body language, energy and actions and always comes true.

Make sure that the one person you spend every moment of your life is your biggest fan and you will glide through life, both through the good times and the bad.

To your best,

Sensei Harrison Huff

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