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Obama’s Nobel Prize Sends Wrong Message to Bullies


I almost shot coffee through my nose this morning while scanning the Internet because right there, on the center of my screen, was a big picture of OFL – Our Fearless Leader – and the words, "Nobel Prize" in the headline.

The article I read went on to talk about how OFL was reaching out to the Muslim community, how he was drawing down the troops in Iraq, had North Korea coming to the table on the nuclear program, was working on dealing with Iran and was trying to help out between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Okay – someone at Nobel Central must have been smoking the old "peace pipe".

I am not even going to start on the absurdity and blatant ball-washing of the Nobel Committee with this award; nor am I going to dive into a history lesson with example after example of politicians and others who were worthy of the prize – and actually ACCOMPLISHED something – and were never rewarded with a Nobel Prize.

What I AM going to say is this:  this is exactly the WRONG message to send to bullies in the political world, particularly North Korea and Iran.

I wrote in earlier posts about how we as a country were handling both affairs in the wrong manner.

Some people wrote in and said, "What are your qualifications to talk about state affairs?  Have you ever been in government service?  Have you ever negotiated peace between superpowers or nuclear armed countries?  What the h@#l do you know?"

What I know is that whether you are running a country with nuclear missiles, running a Mom-and-Pop shop on the corner, or you are just Bob from two doors down the street, you are a person.

People behave the same in certain situations.  Cultural differences also influence those behaviors.  Many times, we as humans complicate, read into, or try to apply our "vast intellect" and logic to situations that are, at their core, no different than two six-year olds fixing to duke it out in a sandbox over who's Dad can beat up the other kid's Dad.

Which, brings me back to what I know.

I have been in government service – with the Marines during the First Gulf War.  That means I saw firsthand what happens when a bully is left unchecked and decides to go into his neighbor's sandbox and steal his toys.

By the way, Iraq was one of the largest and most powerful countries in the region at that time and what did the leader of the country do?  Acted like a bully and a common thief by invading Kuwait to get control of the oil.

Hussein understood one thing and one thing only – power.  He knew money was power, he knew military might was power and as he was allowed to do what he wanted, when he wanted, he got braver and braver until he made a huge move and invaded a neighboring country.

Imagine what would have happened if President George H.W. Bush would have done what OFL has done so far?  What if G.H.W. Bush had just, "Strongly condemned" and "vehemently opposed" and "demanded that Iraq behave in a civilized manner" – and then done NOTHING else, which looks to be the plan right now?

Then Iraq would have been in charge of Kuwait and all the oil and money that goes with it.

Would Iraq have been THE heavy hitter in the region then?  Yes.

Would Iran and Israel have flipped out?  Yes.

Would Hussein have started to use his money and power to do naughty things, like buy nuclear weapons?  Without a doubt.

Why?  Because that is what bullies do when they are not punished for bad behavior.

Luckily, our President at the time understood that misbehavior has to be punished and he organized a spanking.

Fast forward to today.  Iran and North Korea are shaking their heads in mutually disbelief right now because they have NOT had to do jack-you-know-what yet; nothing.  But, the free world is rewarding the President of the U.S. for his efforts and results.

Iran is cruising on towards developing nuclear weapons, scoffing at ever sanction, condemnation and "Six Party" Gabfests.  Every time they agree to something – which is rare – they renege and there are no consequences.

Look at North Korea – same deal.  We have tried to starve the guy out and it hasn't worked.  That world leader has managed to negotiate up-front payments to BILLIONS of dollars in cash and oil, BEFORE he shuts anything down; then, he waits for a small amount of time, goes back on the deal and kicks everyone out of the country…and keeps the money.

Who is the genius negotiating these deals?  Talk about rewarding bad behavior.

Getting troops out of Iraq – that was going to happen anyway; don't give yourself tendonitis patting yourself on the back for that one.

Israel and Palestine?  No one has been able to fix that one and probably never will.

Afghanistan is a hellhole where no country has been able to achieve a victory when it comes to defeating the bad guys, or, in the case of the Former Soviets, invade and take over. 

It truly is one of the last frontiers.  It is so rugged, vast and undeveloped that unless someone took it over, spent decades and decades, along with trillions of dollars to build infrastructure, instill an education system and then create an economic system that isn't based on narcotics, it is kind of useless to try.

With all those factors – along with awarding OFL The Prize, we have got to look clueless, weak and ineffective in the eyes of our enemies and, particularly in the Iranian culture, appearances and words are EVERYTHING.

Those countries are run by fanatical bullies and bullies only understand one thing, and that's power.

As long as they get you to react the way they want you to; get you to feel the way they want you to feel and have them look like they are the ones in charge, then nothing will change.

They will continue to have the power and the targets will not.  No matter how you look at it, the parties involved or how complex you want to make it, that is what it boils down to.

It doesn't have to be this way.

While OFL and others may be blowing it when it comes to bullies, you don't have to.

Whether it is your boss, a co-worker, your spouse or, if it's your child that is the target of the bully, you CAN Take Back Your Power.

I explain how in the course, "Bully Proof Kids" which you can get HERE.

In that course, I combine almost two decades of experience working with adults and children when it comes to bullying, along with the training and philosophies I learned in the U.S. Marines, as well as my firsthand experience as the victim of a bully as a child.

This is real-world, in the trenches, what works and what doesn't information.  No academia.  No advice based on theory or how things "should" be; just hard-hitting facts about how bullies think, why they do what they do and what to do to prevent from being a target and, if you are selected as a target, what to do about it.

Get yours today.

To your best,

Sensei Harrison Huff

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