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New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Killers

Yesterday,  I fired up a boatload of people when I said you should NOT set New Year's Resolutions.

Yep – that's right – DO NOT set them.

Now why would I – the World's First Motivational Insultant™, The Bully Proof Sensei™, the Sensei of Health, Wealth and Self Development™ – say you should NOT set resolutions or goals?

After almost twenty years of coaching, consulting and interviewing people from all demographics and backgrounds – as well as expierencing outstanding personal triumphs and utter, completer, down-in-flames failures – I discovered that there are 3 Major Goal Killers that prevent most people from achieving what it is they say they want.

The technique of goal setting has been taught since the dawn of time, you would think that there is nothing new and if you learned one, you would never have to learn another one and you would just go around, setting and achieving goals as easily as Brittney Spears makes a comeback.

Well, it just isn't that easy.

It isn't that easy because the 3 Goal Killers rear their ugly head and trip you up right after the starting gun fires.

It doesn't have to be this way and I – with brutal honesty – will reveal to you some of the things that trip you up and how to achieve what you want every single time…in an upcoming course I am putting together.

For now, let me share with you what one woman wrote in to say as to why she did not set resolutions anymore:  she said that when she did – and then didn't hit them – she felt bad about herself, so it was just easier to not set them at all.

To some of you that may sound strange, but I assure you, it's not.  Sometimes, we are so competitive that rather than lose, we choose not to play.

Some people make it a sport to kick their own behind up, down and sideways every time they make a mistake or miss out on a goal.  As a defense mechanism, they just choose not to set goals anymore.

This is just ONE way that we shoot ourselves in the foot and bring to life a Goal Killer.

Keep a sharp eye out for this Goal Killer in your life.  In the meantime, keep sending in your comments and thoughts to Sensei@bullyproofkids.com on how you feel on NOT setting goals.

To your best,

Sensei Huff

P.S. – Keep an eye out also for the announcement on the new program, "How to Stop Setting Goals and Get What You Want" which will be coming in the v-e-r-y near future.

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