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Michael Jackson Bullied as a Child


This morning I was TCOB – Taking Care of Business – like you do right before you go out of town for the Holiday and my eye caught something that made me stop in my tracks.

There was a story about the recently deceased Michael Jackson and how he may have felt "bullied" by the media, his family, the legal system and more.

The information came from a former guru/helaer that worked with Jackson, along with a former bodyguard.  Other stories have gone on to report that Jackson weighed about 112 pounds at his death, had partially digested pills in his system and needle marks on his hips and other parts of his body.

Think about this for a minute – Michael Jackson, pop icon, megastar, historic musical figure and richer than Moses – and he felt bullied.

Bullied to the point where he self-medicated and turned himself into a bit of a freakshow/ recluse.

Here is a guy with the monetary resources to do anything he wanted – hire the best, live anywhere, you name it – but because he felt bullied (if the reports are true) self-medicated to the point where he may have accidentally (or on purpose) taken his own life.


How is it that someone like Michael Jackson could get to a point like this? 

Michael Jackson wanted to be connected.  He wanted to be loved.  He wanted to be accepted.  We'll never know by whom, but the adoring millions and millions of fans was not enough or he wouldn't have gotten to the point that he did.

Michael did what many of us do – we look OUTSIDE ourselves for the answers – for the love, the connection, the respect, the belonging – rather than inside.

What probably made it very difficult for him is that if the stories are true, he never had a connection with his father.  Unless someone was able to teach him through example or coaching as to what happiness, self acceptance and more looked and felt like, he had no way of knowing how to feel better.

There is an old saying that says when there are no enemies on the inside, there are far fewer on the outside.

It looks like Michael Jackson may have become his own worst enemy – all because he felt as if he was bullied, turned on and ostracized.

If an adult like Michael Jackson can be overcome with something like this, what chances do you or your children have if you feel as if you are being bullied?

Not much…unless you have the tools to build up your emotional and mental muscles to deal with the situations.

These are the kind of skills and principles that are in the course, "How to Bully Proof Your Child".

Give yourself and your child a fighting chance when it comes to bullying and emotional abuse.  Michael Jackson wasn't able to…and it may have cost him his life.

Take back your power and be your best,

Sensei Harrison Huff

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