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Local Bullying Story Hits Home for the Bully Proof Sensei


Last week I wrote to you about a young boy who committed suicide over being bullied.

He came home from school, broke in to his father's gun safe and retrieved a weapon, left the house, drove a few streets over, stood in the middle of the street – and shot himself in the head.

He was a sophomore in high school.

The parents are filing a claim of three million dollars against the school system.  The bullying was reported by both the teenager and the parents and it was the SOS – Same Old Story.

The school system is NOT designed to deal with bullying.

They are more concerned with test scores than they are dealing with bullying.  It is a flaw in the system and it must be fixed.

That isn't what makes this story hit so close to home.

What makes this one hit is that Saturday night, I found out that a good friend of mine, that I have known for almost eighteen years, taught his kids martial arts, been to house on the holidays…was one of the sheriffs who responded to the call and came across the young boy's body.

My friend had to lead the father to his son's body for identification.

When he told me about it, I could see it in his eyes how profoundly it had affected him.  He has a college-aged son and two younger daughters; his kids never were bullied because of the training they received in the martial arts and how my friend raised his kids.

He looked at me and said, "As a Dad, you get in that situation and I didn't have words to say to this man who was looking at his son in the street.  It was so uneccessary and sad;  it didn't have to happen."

Amen to that.

This bullying epidemic is not going to go away.  It is spreading like a disease and the plain truth is that parents, kids and the school systems are unable to deal with it.

The old rules about bullying don't apply.  Going to somebody and asking them to fix it is NOT working either.

There is only ONE way to deal with this problem – and that is to "Take Your Power Back", become self-reliant and train yourself and your kids to stand up for themselves, take care of themselves and to be "Bully Proof".

You can find out more by clicking HERE and learning how to Bully Proof Your Child.

To you and your family's best,

Sensei Huff

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