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How You Can Be Hung by Your Tongue


 I remember as a kid that there were certain "adult" words that my parents told me were off limits.

Apparentley this rule was enforced when, as a toddler, my father was cut off in traffic and yelled, "S@#t!" with me sitting in the car seat next to him.

For the rest of the day, I ran around saying, "S@#t, s@#t, S@#t…"

To say my Mom was mortified would be an understatement.

As I got older, I was taught other words I wasn't allowed to say.  My parents told me that these "banned" words were hateful, showed lack of intelligence, lack of emotional control and could cause harm to myself and others when used.

That was how I learned about profanity.

The problem is, my parents left out an entire dictionary's worth of words and language that is WORSE than profanity.

Language that can steal power from people, that can literally emotionally "scar" someone; language that can actually CAUSE bad things to happen to the person USING the language – but that is NOT what is the most dangerous…

What is most dangerous is that someone can be using this language, causing all sorts of havoc and harm in their life…and NOT even realize they are doing it.

I am talking about C.R.A.P. – Constant Resistive Audio Programming.

When someone is talking CRAP, they are using language that is more destructive than profanity and when you are talking CRAP, you are actually attracting more CRAP into your life.

There is a famous quote that says, "Words are like swords" – and I'm sure you have heard the saying that, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

These sayings are true in the fact that words have energy to them.  They can positive, constructive and uplifting, or negative and destructive.

I DON'T believe in neutral energy; I say that because neutral energy doesn't stay neutral once it hits a negative or a positive, it changes.  That tells me that I want to be powerful and strong in my language, not timid, weak or neutral…or French.

When you are talking about how you can't lose weight, hate working out, don't like going to the gym, can't "seem" to get to your workouts or eat right – you are talking CRAP.

If you are talking about your financial skills and say how you are terrible at paperwork, that you hate counting your money, that the economy is bad, it's hard to find a job, you'll settle for what you can get – you are talking CRAP.

If you are talking about how no matter what, nothing seems to go right; that every time you try to get ahead it doesn't work, that if it wasn't for your three kids and nag of a wife, you'd be fine – you are talking CRAP.

You talk CRAP like this and guess what happens?  Yep – your life is full of CRAP.

You'll be fat, lazy and depressed; you won't be able to lose weight or get in shape.  You will always have financial problems, and no matter what, life won't go the way you want it to.

Why?  Because you were talking CRAP and like a magnet, you attracted CRAP into your life.

The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

You can go from a CRAP magnet to a TAKA – Things Are Kicking Azz – in no time flat.

All you have to do is watch your mouth.

Stop talking CRAP and start talking about what you want.  Use language that makes you feel good about yourself and what you are doing and ONLY keeps you moving towards what it is you want your body to look like, your finances to look like and what you want  your career and your relationships to be like.

As soon as you stop talking CRAP and start using different, powerful language, you will be amazed at what happens.

But – just like Momma said – watch your mouth.

To Your Best,

Sensei Huff

P.S. – If you are talking CRAP in your life right now, I gua-ran-damn-tee you attracting bullies and energy sukkers in to your life.  To put a stake in the heart of these CRAP vampires, get over to http://www.bullyproofkids.com and learn how language – plus eight other tips – can help you to "Take Your Power Back" when it comes to the bullies in your life.

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