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I haven't been writing to you over the past couple of months for a 


That reason was that had I had to step back and literally, "Take My
Own Medicine".

I say that because over the summer, I consulted with a small business
owner and his staff on self-development, marketing strategy, sales
training and much more, plus I was working with a small private group
of coaching clients when I noticed a problem.

This problem was pervasive. It was preventing the great people I was
working with from taking action and getting the results they said they
wanted and I wanted for them. It was literally an infection that was
affecting both groups and – to my shock – infecting ME.

After I realized what was happening, I stepped back and looked at what
was going on in the news – major media publications calling us
"American the Ignorant"; people being called racist for having an opinion,
religious and political groups wrestling with the balance of our
Constitution, the right to free speech and an obvious aggressive symbolic
movement by a supposed religion of peace; our economy, jobs and more…

It pizzed me off. And I don't mean annoyed; I mean spitting mad. I mean
fists clenched, jaw set, fire burning in the eyes, I'm-about-to-kick-azz

Why? Because a virus of Whiny-ism has broken out. It has affected me, the
people I was working with and – to a large degree – our country.

How did this happen? Simple – we have gotten away from one of Napolean Hill's
17 Principles of Success – Accurate Thinking.

We have lost our spines. We no longer have the ability to look ourselves in the
mirror and tell the truth. If we do, our eyes are opened and we discover that
our lives are 100% our own fault.

It isn't the government; it isn't big business, it isn't your boss, the unions,
Aunt Edna or that guy that molested you as a child.

Nope – it is all YOU. Or, in my case this summer – it is all on ME.

I sacked up, looked in the mirror and said to myself, "Self, your people aren't
performing and getting the results they want because YOU have been lying to
yourself and not getting the results YOU want. You have NOT been kicking your
own azz and being accountable."

It stung. It sukked to admit. But it was accurate.

So, I rediscovered a system of success that I had strayed from. I went back,
dusted it off and started to use it for the first time in a long, long time.

It was the system that allowed me to achieve all my major accomplishments in
my life, and I wanted to see if the principles still held true, even in this
political and economic environment.

I am happy to report – it still does.

I share this with you NOT to impress you – but to impress upon you – that this
system can work for you, too.

I have gotten more done in the last 30 days than I have in the previous eight
months, all because of this system and – very soon – I am going to share it with

For now, because I have to go, I will point out the one small morsel of that system
that will help you achieve more in 30 days than you have in a year, that I have
mentioned in this e-mail…

Get mad.

If you are NOT where you want to be right now – financially, physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually, or in your relationships – get mad.

Get mad at yourself for your condition. Get mad at yourself for not doing something
about it. Get mad at yourself for being so stupid as to settle for anything less
than your best.

Get good and mad – and when you do, you are ready to take the next step.

That next step, I will reveal to you very soon.

For now, I am feverishly working on the things I started 30 days ago, with the goal
in mind to roll it out as an example for you of what you CAN accomplish – if you
want it badly enough and get good and mad that you don't have it yet.

Stay tuned.

To your best,


P.S. – If you try to go to http://www.bullyproofkids.com – you will see that the
site is GONE – and under construction. What will be there in its place is
something I have been pouring my heart and resources into for the past 30 days
so that I can deliver the #1, No B.S. Resources for Anti-Bullying Information
That Really Works. It WILL have resources that can change your life and the life
of your child. Stay tuned…

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