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How to Empower Bullies & Attract Them Like Flies

Last week, I gave a follow-up presentation to a group of sales professionals about being bullied in business.

I did something during this presentation that is considered a “No-No”; I called upon the person who hired me for the presentation and used him as an example. The good news is, he was a GOOD example for what I was talking about when it comes to energy, self-image and bullying.

The guy I am referring to is young for his position – a vice president under forty – and very successful. Like many people right now, he has challenges in his businesses with sales being down, personnel changes, training issues, marketing, you name it…

But, he has one quality about him that everyone who knows him or has done business with him will agree on.  And, after having known him since he was in his twenties and promoted to a position where he was “in over his head” and forced to grow up, I can say with confidence that the opinion is correct…

This guy is all business and harbors no B.S.  Period.

To some, he comes across as arrogant, German, rough around the edges, cold, brusque and a handful of other adjectives.

To people who lack confidence in themselves, that is how he comes across.

The reality is, this guy is confident in himself and his abilities, knows what he wants, what he will and won’t stand for and he doesn’t let what anyone says or does get in his way.

That rubs people the wrong way – if you don’t know him.  It also does something else; it repels bullies and energy suckers like Brittney Spears repels high IQ scores.

I have never, ever heard or seen anyone, professionally or personally, take advantage of this guy or push him around. The times where people have tried ended up with either the two parties becoming friends or deciding to part ways – quickly.

No long, drawn-out breakups.  No nasty lawsuits.  No arguments or wastes of energy and time.

Just straightforward, no-nonsense, crystal clear communication and decisive action.

Bullies are empowered by wimpiness, lack of backbones, waffling, weak communication skills, bad body language and anything else that may be translated as, “I am not confident.  I am afraid.  I will not stand up for myself.  I don’t like myself.”

If you – on purpose or accidentally – have any of these thoughts running around in your operating system upstairs, you will attract bullies like flies.

In the course, “Bully Proof Kids” – at http://www.bullyproofkids.com/index1.html –  I cover 9 different way that you can bully proof your child so they don’t attract bullies.

And, the science behind “Bully Proof Kids” is the same science that Bully Proof Business Skills” is based on.

Stay tuned on how you can get your hands on that course soon. In the meantime, check your operating system and make sure it is programmed to “Repel Bullies” instead of “Attract Bullies”.

To your best,

Sensei Harrison Huff

P.S. – If you want to see a great example of bullying being carried out in front of the world for all to see, check out the dust-up between the current administration and some of the news agencies.  Classic stuff.  I should send the Obaminator and the newsies a copy of my course.

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