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How One Girl Fought Back Against A Violent Predator

In Southern California, it is all over the news that a registered offender – John Gardner, who served five years of a six year term, even though a court psychiatrist said he was a danger who showed no remorse and should get thirty years for his conduct with a then 13 year old girl – is accused of the raping and murder of Chelsea King, who disappeared on her morning jog.

Her body was found in a shallow grave very near where she disappeared.

Gardner is also being investigated in the disappearance of another girl, Amber DuBois, who disappeared over a year ago in the same area as Chelsea King.

There is also one more woman who was the target of this predator – but her story came out MUCH differently.

Candice Moncayo was a female jogger who was attacked last December in the same park as Chelsea King.  She was tackled by her assailant, who demanded money and then began shaking Moncayo violently by the shoulders.

Moncayo fought back by elbowing her assailant in the nose, stunning him long enough for her to make her escape.

DNA swabs by the police on her elbow came back as a positive match to guess who?  Yep – John Gardner.

Moncayo is the only one of the three victims that had martial arts training.

When it comes to Taking Back Your Power and standing up to the bullies in your life – it is not JUST about bullying.

One of the things I always try to mention in all the radio interviews, public speaking engagements, articles, posts, videos and e-mails is this:  while you don't want yourself or your child to be looking for a fight – you do want to have the WILLINGNESS to defend yourself, even if you are terrified.

While we may never know the exact circumstances of the attacks on the other two girls, we do know that the one girl who had the emotional and physical training to fight back survived.

You could make the argument that bullying is the first step or phase on the road to abuse, assault or worse.  Making sure that you or your child has the knowledge and techniques to emotionally, mentally and physically stand up to a potential threat really can mean the difference between high self-esteem, mental toughness and a can-do attitude, or living a life in fear, mentally scarred from the event…or worse.

If you haven't done it yet, please go HERE and get the course, Bully Proof Kids.

Give yourself and your child a fighting chance – It can mean the first step towards a life of security and safety for you both.

Take Back Your Power,

Sensei Harrison Huff

P.S. – I know it has been a little bit since we spoke last.  I have been hard at work on the new site and information that is going to make harrisonhuff.com the place on the Internet when it comes to bullying, business and self development.  Stay tuned…

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