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How Bullies Make Themselves Look Like Victims

Last week, I was driving to my favorite morning stop – my local coffee shop with f-r-e-e wireless and coffee without the green logo – and heard a news story on the radio that first got me mad, then got me to laughing.

I got mad first, because the story was about someone being a bully; then I got to laughing because this person was being a bully, but acting like a victim.

As soon as I heard it, I said to myself, "Self, I have got to tell me readers about this."

The story is that someone started a blog and in this blog, they were publicly trashing a specific woman.

This blogger was letting her target have it with both barrels.  I mean saying nasty stuff – kind of like a school yard bully calling you nasty names.

Except, in this instance, the blogger didn't have to be nose-to-nose, face-to-face with the target.  No, this spineless wonder got to lob language bombs from behind the security of anonymous Internetdom.

Well – almost.

It seems the target of this attack got fed up with it, got a lawyer and went to the courts.  The courts sided with her and ordered Google – Master of All That is the Internet – to cough up the identity of the verbal attacker.

Surprisingly, Google did it.

With her identity revealed, the Bully Blogger freaked out and is suing Google for $15 million big ones for violation of privacy and a whole passel of other things.

Boo-frickin'-hoo.  This whole thing allegedly started because these two women, who knew each other from the New York fashion scene, got into a tiff when the target of the verbal attacks allegedly said something negative to the ex-boyfriend of the verbal attacker.

That started the bully blogger into launching the site and then launching the attacks.

First off, this is nothing more than a catfight that has escalated out of control.

Secondly, it is the attorneys who are going to make the big bucks on this one because, as the blogger's attorney has stated, he is going to take this, "All the way to the Supreme Court" because he thinks it is a precedent-setting case.

Well, who wins if it sets a precedent and their name is forever linked in the history of law as the guy who took on Google and won?  And, what do you think Google might pay if they think they are going to lose?  And who gets forty percent of that for his services?

The attorney.

Last, the lawsuit by the blogger is her sad response to getting her azz kicked by the target of her wrath.

She thought she could torture her target anonymously – hoping to hurt her emotionally and fiscally, thereby taking her power away – and instead, the target "turned the tables" and forced the bully in to a face-to-face – or in this case, out in public – confrontation.

Beaten, the blogger swtiched gears and went after another target so that she can appear like the victim.


I do have to say, the blogger has brilliantly put herself in the spotlight, as a model and as a victim.  She stands a good chance at a settlement from Google, unless Google decides to fight it, in which case she has no shot in the world at sniffing a penny.

If Google wants to, they can just "paper her to death" by drowning her attorney in paperwork, motions, etc…and drag this bad boy out for ten years and zillions of dollars.  Google has the dough and the time; she doesn't.

This blogger is a perfect example of what happens when a bully gets challenged by their target.  Many bullies, when their prey turns on them, do NOT know how to react.

They are used to their targets tolerating the abuse or tucking their tales between their legs.  When you stand up for yourself and turn the tables on the bully, it throws them off their game.

This bully blogger would have been better served to have the guts to put her name on her opinions and then roll with the consequences.

Instead, she got her buns handed to her by the object of her wrath and now, if she is not careful, she might get her bank account broken by Google.

Who knows?  Maybe by getting outed, she might get some work.  If the photo I saw was really her, she's hot. 

if she keeps it up, she is going to need the money.

Take back your power,

Sensei Harrison Huff

P.S. – The first place we want to Take Back Our Power is in teaching our children to stand up for themselves.  Learn 9 Tips you can teach your child at http://www.bullyproofkids.com.

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