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Host of #1 Radio Show in SoCal Shares Bullying Story

Bill Handel Radio ShowThis morning I was interviewed on the #1 morning AM radio show in Southern California, The Bill Handel Show.

I met Mr. Handel several years back through the martial arts when I first started working on this bullying project. I discovered that Mr. Handel was very passionate about the subject of bullying and we formed a relationship. It has been a few years since we had touched base, but when the new book was released, I reached out to let him know. To my surprise, he booked me on the show.

The interview was this morning and it went very well – but not for the reasons that I thought it would. I knew we would get exposure; what I didn't know was how much my story and the information in the book would touch the people who read it – especially Mr. Handel.

In a very touching and revealing moment during the show, we were about to go into a radio break when Mr. Handel said he had a story to share with everyone – including the people in the booth that he works with who he says have heard his stories "millions of times" – that he had never told anyone. He said he was going to share it for the very first time – all because of what I shared in the book, "Bullies Suck".

I had a feeling he was going to say something very powerful. I was even more nervous during the break than when I started the interview. True to his word, we came out of the break and Mr. Handel shared a very personal story.

Turns out he was severely bullied as a child – by his father. His father physically abused him when it came to discipline. Mr. Handel said it was cultural, as his family is of old-school, Eastern European descent and in his family line, that is just what they did. Mr. Handel said it continued all the way until he was 14 years old, when his Dad hit him and Mr. Handel had taken all he could.

Handel said he grabbed his Dad by the lapels, shoved him against the wall and told him, "Don't ever touch me again."

Mr. Handel said his Dad never touched him again.

I was touched that Mr. Handel shared that story with everyone. I was honored and humbled that he said it was because of what I shared that he decided to share his own story. If more people like Bill shared their stories, it could make a huge difference in the lives of both children and adults.

More great things have happened like that all day today. I have been getting e-mails, Facebook posts and tweets with people who heard me on the radio, many who are sharing their stories, just like Bill. If you would like to share your story, post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Thanks to all of you who emailed, called, texted, posted or tweeted your support.

Congratulations to you, Bill Handel, for sharing your story, and THANK YOU for having me on your show and telling people about the book, "Bullies Suck".

Stay strong,


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