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Honored to Soon Have the Most Important Job in the World


With all the talk over the past year or so about the economy, it makes you wonder what could the most "recession-proof" job be.

No matter where you look, it seems that everyone has been touched by what is going on.  Maybe it is a job loss.  Maybe it is cutbacks on perks like vacation time, hours taken away or salary reduced.

Some people are having to find entire new careers while others are choosing to stop doing what they used to do and start doing something new.

I must be crazy.  Not only did I choose to start a new business career in the middle of the worst economy in recent history, but I also decided to take on the most important job in the world…


Yes – it is official.  Mrs. Sensei is almost five months pregnant and we are expecting our first "bundle of joy" in November.

Yesterday I got to celebrate my first Father's Day – although since the kid isn't here yet, it was more like a rehearsal for next year – with one of my closest friends and his family.

At the dinner table was Grandpa Bill, a father for over fifty-three years; Jim, a dad for thirty years, my best friend Dave, a father for thirteen years…and me, the father-in-four-months.

While we were there, enjoying a Father's Day dinner, I took the time to think to myself that no matter what, being a Dad is the most important  – and toughest – job in the world.

Dads make sure that your world keeps moving on.  Doesn't matter if Dad loses his job, takes a pay cut, has to start something new, needs to get a second job, whatever…Dad makes sure that your world keep moving.

You may never see the stresses he endures.  You may never know that Dad stays up at night, planning and working on how to get you through college or keep you in intramural sports, even though the money isn't there.

You don't realize how hard it can be for him to set a good example – to make sure you see him doing the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons.

You may never know that while Mom and Dad may fight once in awhile, they never fight around you; you can only see how Dad treats a woman with respect and love.

Dad gets up on the weekends and works around the house, constantly tinkering, building, refinishing, refurbishing, re-something…because that is what Dads do.

And most importantly, Dad takes the time everyday to focus on you.  He might wrestle with you, throw the ball, take you fishing, help you with your homework, talk to you about boys (please; if I have a girl, just shoot me) or girls.

Dad has many responsibilities, but his most important job is setting an example and making sure that you grow up mentally, physically and emotionally happy; ready to take on the world and all the challenges and excitement that come with it.

It's a tough job.  Not all Dads had a Dad to teach them how to be a Dad.  Many people had a Dad that may not have been the best example of a Dad.  It doesn't matter.  Dad did the best job he knew how – and every Dad has the responsibility and the honor – to do their best, too.

There is no tougher job on Earth for a man – and I am honored to soon be joining the club.

To all you Dads out there – Happy Father's Day – and thanks for having the stones to step up and take on the toughest job in the world.

To Your Best, 

Sensei Huff

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