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Hillary Clinton Must Be Reading My Blog About Bullying

It isn't often that one can say they had a hand in shaping international diplomatic policy, but I have to say, it does feel pretty good.

I say this because it seems like not only is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reading my blog posts, she is taking the wit and wisdom seriously and using it in her job as the United States' top diplomat.

Yesterday, she called North Korea's recent behavior that of "unruly children" and that the U.S. and international community should not recognize or reward the behavior – exactly as I wrote about in my blog post, "How to Deal with North Korea" and "Why Iran and North Korea are OUR Fault"

Here is a sample of the article:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said North Korea should not receive the attention it is seeking through behavior like missile launches and likened Pyongyang's behavior to that of unruly children.

North Korea tested a nuclear device in May and fired seven ballistic missiles earlier this month in defiance of a U.N. resolution.

"What we've seen is this constant demand for attention," Clinton, who is in India, said in an interview that aired on Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"And maybe it's the mother in me or the experience that I've had with small children and unruly teenagers and people who are demanding attention — don't give it to them, they don't deserve it, they are acting out," she said.

Bullies only understand ONE thing – and that is POWER.

Power over your reactions. Power over your emotions.  Power over your career, workplace or promotions.  Power over your money.

For example, maybe a bully knows you are easily riled, so he will say or do something to push your buttons and watch you explode like a volcano.

You may be the type that is mild-mannered and lets everything slide off your back.  If so, a bully might just pile on you, giving you a hard time and picking on you constantly, even though underneath you are hurting.

At work, a bully might show his power by banging on the desk and reminding everyone, "Who is in charge around here".  They usually do this by swooping in at the last minute, changing the parameters of a deal or project, and then dumping it back on your desk with the original timeline and responsibility for failure – and the leaving you to flap in the wind.

Bullies feel empowered by getting a reaction out of you.  By getting the perception or signal that they are getting you to react in a certain way, they feel good because it makes them feel powerful.

As long as you are giving the bullies the reaction – be it attention, an emotional response, a behavior – then they feel good.

The problem is that as long as they are getting the "feel good", they are going to keep doing it over and over and over.

What is North Korea doing?  Testing missiles, doing nuclear tests, warning of all the nasty things they are going to do if anyone dares lift a finger against them or pass any more sanctions…

And they are going to keep it up.  All the sanctions, finger wagging, time-outs and tongue lashings that the international community and the U.S. dole out every time they misbehave have never done squat – nor will they – ever.

It's all about power – and right now, the U.S. and international community has given that power away to North Korea.  Until we take it back, North Korea is going to continue to act like a toddler in front of a three thousand dollar stereo, gleefully pushing buttons, spraying his juice all over the front of it and watching the adult's reactions.

Remember; no one takes your power away – you give it away.

Take your power back,

Sensei Harrison Huff

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