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Dad Stands Up to Bullies for His Daughter-and Goes to Jail

I just heard of this on Fox News with Megyn Kelly – and when I heard it, I became so upset I just HAD to write and share it with you.

This story is EXACTLY what is wrong with the school systems, legal system, and sadly, our country.  That is why I recently shot a video and submitted it to someone to get to Fox News, Glenn Beck and others as it speaks directly to what has happened in this story.

Apparently, an eleven year old girl with cerebral palsy was being bullied on the bus she rides to and from school.

Boys were teasing her, beating on her and even putting condoms on her head.  She was becoming so depressed that she was getting suicidal.

The father of the daughter says he reported it to the school and – you guessed it – nothing happened.

So, the father took matters into his own hands.  He got on the bus, told his daughter to point out the boys who had been picking on her, and scared the bejeezus out of them.

He was later arrested on several charges.

A panel of attorneys were featured on the Fox News show and while they were sympathetic, even they were saying the father should have gone to the police, the father should have gone personally to the principle, the father should have said something to this person…

STOP! THAT is the problem right there.

While I DO NOT agree with the father threatening to kill the boys (apparently this is what he said to them) I DO AGREE and SUPPORT 100% the fact that this father took it upon himself to go the source of his daughter’s problems – and handle his business.

The father DID report the problem – and nothing happened. So he did exactly the right thing, which was to NOT look for SOMEONE ELSE to solve his problems; he did it himself.

This is the problem with our schools, legal system and our country.  We need to STOP looking for someone else or something else to “Fix” our problems and instead handle our business ourselves.

I applaud this gentleman.  I have a daughter and I would have done the EXACT same thing – and more – if it had been my daughter.

Conversly, if I found that a man had threatened my son with bodily harm, I would have been upset and demanding justice – until I heard what he had done.

If I found out that my son was a part of bullying a girl like that, I would first tell him he was lucky the other father didn’t whoop his behind – and then I would.

Stand up for yourself.  Stand up for your kids.  Stand up to the bullies, energy suckers and negative B.S. in your life.

Take back your power.

To your best,


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P.P.S. – To see the story for yourself, here it is:

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