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“Bully” Wins Fight with MPAA & Director Hopes to Change Hearts and Minds

It was recently announced Lee Hirsch's documentary, "Bully", which was originally awarded an "R" rating by the Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) that would have prevented the target audience of the movie from seeing the film, won their public relations battle and the MPAA changed the rating to "PG".

I think this is a smart move for the MPAA – I am sure, the backlash against their rating system and awarding the "R" rating to "Bully" was more intense then they expected – it is also the right thing to do, as kids as young as 13 can now see the movie and they are the exact target that the film is targeting.

In an interview with Mr. Hirsch from the HuffPost Entertainment section, Mr. Hirsch said that he wants the film, "changing hearts and minds…"  by getting the audience to see and feel just how hurtful bullying can be. The film does a great job showing the damaging effects of bullying and I admire and congratulate Mr. Hirsch on what he is accomplishing. I have no doubt his film is going to make an impact for many who watch it.

(Again, if you haven't seen the film, please get out to see it or watch it when it is released to DVD or pay-per-view on your local cable provider; it is powerful and worth the time.)

This film, along with many other books, courses, audio, videos, speakers, school system policies and more are all targeted at stopping bullying, standing up for the victims and so on; what about cutting off bullying BEFORE it happens? What about preparing ourselves and our kids to be so strong mentally, emotionally and physically that we don't become the target of a bully in the first place? Or, if we do become the target of a bully, we don't NEED someone to help us, take us to therapy afterwards or anything else?

That is what the book, "Bullies Suck" and the Ultimate Bullying Solutions Society is all about; it is about empowering you with the tools to protect yourself mentally, emotionally and physically from the bullies in your life. It is about giving  you the tools so you can teach your kids to be "bully proof". It is about having rock-solid self confidence and healthy self image that actual repels bullies from targeting you or your child; it is about having the mental, emotional and physical strength to handle being bullied if it happens, without being scarred for life.

While all the programs, films and other works are important, ultimately the answers to the bullying pandemic lie with you. It is your ability to prepare yourself or your child to stand up to the bullies in life that will determine your quality of life.  An incident of bullying can happen in under a minute, but the effects can last a lifetime if you are not strong enough to handle them.

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