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Bully Proof Success Stories from Readers

These past two weeks have been exciting. Last week I spoke at the Sunburst Youth Academy, a federal and state-funded at risk military youth academy run by the California National Guard.

The kids that are there are on their last chance; parents have sent them there because they don't know what else to do and their kids are going down the wrong road.

Bad grades, bad attitudes, trouble with the law, you name it.
If these kids blow it here, they are out on the street and who
knows what will happen to them.

I spoke to them for two hours – and that is a long time for
a bunch of 16 to 18-year olds – and there is one moment that
sticks out in my mind above all others from that talk.

When I said to them, "You can't change your destination
overnight – but you can change your direction; you just
have to have the guts to change course" – there were a lot
of nodding heads, looking at each other or looking down in

It's true – it is a nugget from the self-development Sinatra,
the late Jim Rohn.

I shared this with several clients I have been working with –
let me tell you about one and then I let the other one tell
you himself:

One of my clients came to me after a Bully Proof Kids Seminar
last February in Orange County, California. He came to me
from over an hour away to attend the seminar, then enrolled
in my Total Toughness Telecoaching Program.

At first, I designed that program for adults so I could coach
them as to how to work with their children when it came to
bullying. To my surprise, less than 33% where there for their kids…

They were there for themselves. They were being bullied and
wanted help. He was one of those clients.

After a few months of one-on-one coaching and reading my blog, he finally took back his power with his boss and stood up to him. He was scared, afraid to lose his job, afraid of what people might think, etc…but he did it anyway.

He told me everything changed.

He didn't get fired. His boss apologized. His co-workers
told him, "right on!" More importantly, HE changed.

He called me this week to tell me that as of this Friday,
he was leaving that job – which he admitted he hated all
along – getting away from that boss and other b.s and doing
what he has always wanted to do – go out on his own in his
own business.

I told him congratulations and that I was very proud of him.
He told me that working with him was the "spark" he needed to get going. He has never felt better or been more excited and I am very happy for him.

Here is another person I've worked with – in his own words:

"Dear Sensei Huff,

I would highly recommend anyone Sensei Huff’s coaching/mentoring to anyone who is struggling with bullies, energy suckers or negative B.S. in their lives

At first I was very hesitant to listen to his or for that matter
anyone else’s advice. I am in my mid 30’s and I have been teaching the martial arts and have owned martial arts businesses for over 15 years so I am use to being the one giving the advice, not the one in need of it.

My situation is probably not unlike the situation of other professionals my age. I have had considerable success in my field but found I was lacking something, it turns out it really wasn’t that I was lacking something, it was that I had a VERY negative person in my life (my business partner) and our business relationship was making me dread my work and it was starting to carry over in to my personal life.

I knew I needed to do something drastic in order to get my sanity back. As it turns out calling Sensei Huff and telling him my situation was probably the most drastic thing I had to do. The rest was easy with Sensei Huff’s help.

Sensei Huff has a unique gift to not only see through the bulls@#t but more importantly he has the extraordinary
gift of being able to help YOU see through your bulls@#t- and have you laughing about it, too.

Sensei Huff knew just what to say to get me moving in the direction I needed to go. For me it is Sensei Huff’s approach that is the most unique thing about his program (personality); he doesn’t sugar coat things to make you feel good.

He tells you how he sees it and what’s funny about it is for me; that it was the way I saw things, too. I was just too scared to admit it.

Sensei Huff finally got me to where I believed and respected myself enough that I did one of the hardest things I have ever had to do…I stood up to the bully/energy sucker in my life and FINALLY severed the relationship, removing the emotional and energetic cancer from my life.

Since then, my life has completely turned around. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been; my relationship with my wife and family is better than ever – I even tackled a life-long dream and started to pursue my college degree. My life is on a completely different path now, and I am very grateful.

I can’t say enough how Sensei Huff’s encouraging talks helped me to take the leap I knew I need to take. To anyone wondering if you should take the leap and use Sensei Huff’s help, I would say a resounding YES!"

-Jason Metcalf

I couldn't be happier for either person. While they both told me how much I have helped them, in reality, all I did was help them find what was already INSIDE them…and help them learn how to pull it out.

YOU have this same ability. We are all born with it; the problem is we forget how to use it like we did as children.

Maybe you are feeling "stuck". Maybe you are deep into January, already bailed on your resolutions, slipped back into old habits and 2010 is looking like more of the same.

It doesn't have to be. You can change direction over night. You can reboot and start again.

A good place to start is the "Bully Proof Kids" course at
http://www.bullyproofkids.com/index1.html if you are a parent.

If you are an adult and want something more, you can e-mail
hh@harrisonhuff.com and put "Coaching" in the subject line.
Someone from my office will contact you.

Take back your power – you are worth it.

To your best,

Sensei Huff

P.S. – The Total Toughness Telecoaching Program is NOT for everyone. Only DOERS – people that are ready to make a change and TAKE ACTION – need to e-mail. If you just want to "talk about your problems" but not DO anything about them, you are NOT ready. DO NOT e-mail. But, if you are that point in your life where you feel like Popeye, "I've had all I
can stands, and I can't stands no more!" – then the
Total Toughness Telecoaching Program is for you.
HH@harrisonhuff.com, subject line "Coaching".

P.P.S. – Spoke on the Bill Handel Afternoon Show yesterday and Bill Handel shared with me that legendary director Mike Nichols was asked, now that he was successful, who was the one person he'd like to meet from his childhood; his answer? The kid that bullied him. Bullying can lead to scars that last a lifetime. Stand up to the bullies in your life – today.

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