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Success Stories

“After taking a look at the Bully Proof Kids materials, it is apparent that Harrison Huff has done his homework.  


Bullying is a big problem in our schools and communities with the tools of mistreatment including verbal bullying, physical bullying, social isolation, and electronic or cyber-bullying.  


As a professional school counselor with 16 years experience I am aware of the steps being taken in our schools communities address the problem.  Bullying prevention is about establishing policies and procedures for addressing bullying and mistreatment, developing and implementing both staff and student education programs, and developing safe environments for children.


Bully Proof Kids takes all of this into account and then asks “What about the victim?”  Harrison offers up fresh, real ideas and strategies for parents and children to use to prevent mistreatment before it happens and to stop it once it has happened.  


Bully Proof Kids wants children to develop their personal power to become calm, confident, assertive and socially astute boys, girls and teens.  Bully Proof Kids can help children who have been bullied to understand that even though it is not their fault, they can take steps to develop the personal and social competencies avoid being bullied in the future.”


Michael C Kane, MS, EdS, NBCT

National Board Certified Teacher

EC/YA School Counseling


“I would highly recommend anyone Sensei Huff’s coaching/mentoring to anyone needing to change the situation they are in. 


At first I was very hesitant to listen to his or for that matter anyone else’s advice.  I am in my mid 30’s and  I have been teaching the martial arts and  have owned martial arts businesses for over 15 years so I am use to being the one giving the advice, not the one in need of it. 


My situation is probably not unlike the situation of other professionals my age.  I have had considerable success in my field but found I was lacking something; it turns out it really wasn’t that I was lacking something, it was that I had a VERY negative person in my life (my business partner) and our business relationship was making me dread my work and it was starting to carry over in to my personal life. 


I knew I needed to do something drastic in order to get my sanity back.  As it turns out calling Sensei Huff and telling him my situation was probably the most drastic thing I had to do.    The rest was easy with his help. 


He has a unique gift to not only see through the B.S. but more importantly, he has the extraordinary gift of being able to help YOU see through your B.S. – and have you laughing about it, too.  He knew just what to say to get me moving in the direction I needed to go. 


For me it is Sensei’s approach that is the most unique thing ; he doesn’t sugar coat things to make you feel good.  He tells you how he sees it and what’s funny is, for my situation, it was the way I saw things, too; I was just too scared to admit it. 


I can’t say enough how Sensei’s encouraging talks helped me to take the leap I knew I need to take.  To anyone wondering if should take the leap and work with Sensei, I would say a resounding YES!”


-Jason Metcalf


“Thank you once again for the very good advice.  We are absorbing your intelligent bullying proof methods…AND THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING!  Thanks a million!”


-Julie M. Tweedy



“My son is 12 next month and thanks to your bully free seminar that we attended, he is now taking martial arts.  He is really enjoying the lessons, and my husband and I have enjoyed watching him change and blossom all for the better.

He stands up for himself now, and has told the bully who he thought was his friend, that he is no longer his friend.  He has encouraged other kids on the yard to do the same, and so they are no longer in tears from his hurtful words and fists.


He stands up for kids that are too afraid to do it for themselves.  We are very proud of him.

My son's study habits have improved, and he has lost weight, and is pushing himself every week with his sports and running.  He has his strength back, both inside and out.

I thank you so much for taking the time to care, and helping people take control of their life.”

-Lorraine Maralian


“Mr. Huff has a natural talent for public speaking.  His training and speaking method’s use of straight talk, engagement, and humor connects with his audience enabling them to truly gain from his presentation. 


Mr. Huff’s “Bullying Proofing Your Business” struck a note with our entire team.  “Victim or Victor…Which do you want to be in business?” has created a paradigm shift much needed (and appreciated) in today’s business environment.”


-Hans Prosch

Vice President

20 Retail Service Locations in California and Arizona


"I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for the seminar.

I am 34 years old and I had recently been fired and have felt so lost and misunderstood and all of a sudden I was taking my son to school and I was listening to the a.m. show and you came on and talked about the bullying and something clicked.

I for the first time in my life had that aha moment and I went home and cried, not just out of pain, but out of relief.  I realized that the very first bully in my life was my father, then the girls at school, then my boyfriends and then the bosses I worked for and I have been carrying this around my whole life.  No wonder I haven't been successful!

I couldn't figure it out and sometimes I just wanted to never wake up, but my son has kept me going and I although I am not a religious person, I asked the universe for help and you came. You can't imagine the tools, very simple tools, that you have given me on my road to recovery.

I never used to smile at people and I always avoided eye-contact; I never quite understood why I did that, I just felt uncomfortable doing it and I felt like I just hated interacting w/ people.  When I left your seminar I had this new power and I am now a smiling fool! And for some reason, it's been easy.

I stand straight and even if someone doesn't necessarily smile back, it doesn't bother me.  I keep doing it.  I get a lot of attention because I am attractive and it used to bother me; now I keep my head up high and I look and smile at every person I pass. Something that is so easy for other people was the hardest thing to do for me. It's crazy – but it all makes sense.

Thank you.”

-Autumn Colley


“Mr. Huff,


At the Academy we always try and keep our lectures and educational experiences

interesting for the cadets. When it comes to educating our cadets about bullying

and victim behavior, we especially want their full attention. This is a topic we take

very seriously and keeping the cadets motivated during this class is always to

everyone's benefit.


The cadets appreciated your unique ability for speaking in a way that kept them

interested and engaged. The personal stories you shared helped the cadets to see

that we all have our difficult histories and negative experiences however it's not if

you fall down that matters, but how and if you get up that is important.


I appreciated the multidimensional perspective you brought to the topic, discussing the

responsibility of the victim as well as other personality traits and habits that

influence the bully/victim relationship.


Your ability to use a delicate combination of humor and insight when discussing this serious topic was very effective for this age group. Your military, martial arts and business background also brought a unique perspective to the presentation since these are all things that the majority of our cadets respect and find interesting.


You were able to find excellent ways to incorporate your background and experiences into your presentation and the cadets appreciated your insight and level of expertise.


Mr. Huff, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time out of your busy

schedule to speak at our Academy. It's always refreshing to find new talent such as

yourself who can get through to teens on a different level.


I know the cadets took a great deal from your talk and it has created many discussions and reference points to build from as we move forward with this important topic.


I also would like to thank you for spreading the word about the negative effects of the bully/victim relationship through your books and radio shows. This is a topic that is just now

getting the recognition it deserves and much of the school and teen violence we see

today could be greatly reduced if more people had the courage and willingness to

share their story as you have.


Thank you again and we look forward to having you back soon.”


Chief Karleskint

Lead Counselor

Sunburst Youth Academy

“Bullying. It's such a grade-school word, but it happens all the time and everywhere. Adults, kids, school, neighborhood, workplace, and mall, wherever you are, there's a bully preying on those who don't know how to fight back.

Now they do.

Harrison Huff's exceptional Bully Proof Kids book outlines the facts behind the fiction and the humanity behind the hype while giving you what you need to guide your kids. They really can be bully-proof, but not if you follow the common myths that you hear all the time.


The teachers, principals, and so-called experts are really clueless, and that's why bullies continue to win. Not with your kids, though. Not with Bully Proof Kids on your side.

Get it. Read it. Do it.

Bully Proof your kids today.”


Stephen Hultquist

Author, Coach, Business Prophet