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Former Marine, Martial Arts Expert and Survivor of Molestation and Bullying Reveals Why Conventional Wisdom on Bullying is Dead Wrong & What Adults and Parents Can Learn About Dealing with Bullies That Works in the Real World


Dear Friend,

Everything that you have ever been taught about how to deal with bullies and bullying is DEAD WRONG.

The “Conventional Wisdom” being taught in our school systems and given away for free on the Internet are spreading information and techniques about how to deal with bullying that is not only dead wrong – it ENCOURAGES bullying.

Even worse – not only does it encourage bullying, but if you teach your child to deal with bullies the way the school system and so-called “experts” want you to, you may be physically and mentally harming your child.

The Numbers on Bullying Don’t Lie – It Is Getting Worse…

  • American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million victims
  • 1 in 6 children grades K-12 is a victim of bullying
  • 160,000 children miss school per day due to fear of being bullied
  • 282,000 children are attacked in schools each month
  • 87% of school shootings are related to getting even with a bully
  • 56% of children witness bullying at school
  • 15% of all school absenteeism is related to fear of being bullied
  • 71% of children report incidents of bullying as a major problem at their school
  • 90% of children grades 4 -8 have reported being victims of bullying at some point in the school year

It is NOT your fault. There are Two Big Lies that are being taught that are leading to all these problems and potentially harming our children, and one of them has been flawed going back four hundred years…

Big Lie #1 – “Turn the Other Cheek”

As a child, I remember being taught one of the two major lies about how to deal with bullying.  It was the same thing my parents had been taught as children, and their parents, and so on.

It was the philosophy that had allegedly come from the Bible and Sunday School teachings that pretty much everyone on the planet has been taught as a child when it comes to bullying – “Turn the Other Cheek”.

The problem with this philosophy is that it has been manipulated, misinterpreted, taken out of context and distorted going back over four hundred years, and because of how it was manipulated and taken out of context, it completely changed how the philosophy works.

In short, it does NOT work; as a matter of fact, if you follow the philosophy the way it is currently taught, it encourages the bully.

The Secret That Most People Do NOT Know About
the “Turn the Other Cheek” Philosophy –
It’s Been Wrong for Over Four Hundred Years

One of the most popular translations of the Bible can be traced back to the King James version, which King James had translated from Greek to English around 1604. Biblical scholars have pointed out and released multiple studies that in many instances, King James purposely had certain words or passages altered to his benefit.

King James did not want to encourage his people to stand up to his power or revolt in any way, so rather translate what was originally written “resist not evil with evil” – he had it translated to “resist not evil”.

This is where many people get the notion that you are supposed to be passive in the face of evil or wrongdoing, and why many people of faith act like doormats when they are attacked verbally or physically.

Again, this is not an attack on the bible or any religion, this is simply pointing out the fact that the biblical passage and principle, which is being used as a basis to deal with bullying – was altered when the bible was being translated from Greek to English for political reasons and because of that change, it completely altered the context and power of the teachings.

This is just one of the two main strategies on bullying that are flawed through no fault of yours.

Big Lie #2 – Turn Yourself Into a Powerless Victim

The second flawed strategy that we are teaching our children is when someone picks on them, to tell someone – their teacher, their parents, their friends…

While this sounds good in theory, what does it REALLY teach the children to do?

It teaches them to give their power away and become a victim!  It is teaching our children to NOT rely on themselves to find answers or solve problems, but to turn to others, give them the problem and let someone else solve it.

In short, it teaches children to surrender power over their lives to someone or something else.  It teaches them how to become powerless victims.

The Damage That These Two Strategies Inflict On Children is Catastrophic

When children follow one or both of the strategies that are currently being taught on bullying, it can start the children down the path to long-term physical and emotional injuries.

In a study of the effects on combat soldiers that gathered data from the Civil War to current day, combat veterans that were exposed to extremely traumatic events and/or prolonged combat developed and suffered from conditions such as anxiety, depression, hyper sexuality, suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and more.

Traumatic events, whether they are physical in nature – such as car accidents, assaults or combat – or emotional in nature – such as verbal attacks, cyber-attacks or fear of physical altercation or attack – trigger the “fight or flight” response in the body.

This floods the body with hormones and chemicals designed to prepare the body for physical exertion; at the same time, the brain is screaming to do one of two things – run, or protect yourself.

Repeated, long-term exposure to this sort of stimulus – like combat situations, or repeated bullying or physical abuse – burns out the hormonal system of the body and the mind, to the point where the person slips into a mental and physical numbness.

When children are exposed to a trauma like bullying – and they do nothing except “turn the other cheek” and “tell someone” – this literally STARTS the cycle towards anxiety, depression and more.  All because every fiber of their being is flooded with chemicals, hormones and emotion – and they are being forced to be powerless and NOT do anything.

It is literally poisoning our children.

And if that is not bad enough, when your child gets picked on and “turns the other cheek” and “tells someone”, it takes away the power from your child and projects an energy to the world, “I am a powerless victim and I won’t stand up for myself.  Pick on me and take advantage of me at will.”

What Works is NOT Being Taught in Schools, At Work or On the Internet for Free

Bullies SuckWhat really works in the real world when it comes to bullying is not being taught in schools, on Oprah, Dr. Phil or given away for free on the Internet.

What works is not popular.  What works is not politically correct. What works takes courage for you to teach to your children, and courage for your children to practice and put to use.  What works might even get you and your child in trouble in today’s politically correct, over-sensitive world…And, it is what I reveal in “Bullies Suck: How to Stop Bullying & Cyber Bullying in Schools, at Work & at Home”

I Know What I Am Talking About – Because I Am a Survivor of Molestation and Former Victim of Bullying

My name is William Huff, Jr. and I am a former U.S. Marine, martial arts master, entrepreneur, and father.   I am also the survivor of molestation and former victim of bullying as a child.

I am not “just another martial arts guy” that thinks the answer to bullying is having the ability to beat someone up.  I am also NOT some Ivory Tower academic with mountains of books and studies, written by fellow academics that have NEVER been assaulted or the victim of bullying, that teach passivity and “turning the other cheek” is the answer.

When I Hear What So-Called “Experts” are Teaching When Giving Talks at School or Being Interviewed on Radio or TV, I Can’t Stop Shaking My Head in Disgust…

When I hear what these so-called “experts” are teaching when they speak at schools our are getting interviewed on radio or tv, I shake my head in disgust and my mouth drops open like the AFLAC duck.  I know these people care and mean well; their hearts are in the right place. Some of what they teach is good information – but the amount of information that is being shared out there that is NOT good and does NOT work boggles my mind.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been driving, heard an interview on the radio with an “expert” on bullying and what they are saying is so totally, shockingly, what-fairy-tale-world-do-you-live-in wrong that I have gotten so steamed I almost put dents in my steering wheel from squeezing so hard.

I want to debate these people.  I want to sit across from them and ask them if they have ever personally been bullied.  Ever been so depressed they couldn’t get out of bed, eat or go outside due to bullying? Have they ever gotten to the point of helplessness – and THEN tried to use the techniques they are teaching about bullying? How many people have they helped? Have they actually ever tried any of the drivel that they are teaching to see how it works, or is it just theory?

If I Ever Was Invited to Speak at Your Child’s School or on Radio or TV, What I Would Say Is the Complete Opposite of What Is Being Taught Now

While I have spoken to a few forward-thinking, cutting edge schools and was interviewed several times on the #1 AM radio show in Southern California, It is rare for me to be invited to give talks to kids at schools or on some mainstream media radio or television show – and with good reason.

What I know – from teaching over 70,000 martial arts lessons to thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life, helping parents and kids deal with the “bullies” in their lives, plus living through my own personal experiences – is what really works when it comes to bullying, and it is the complete opposite of what the school system, academics and those who believe life should be like a nursery school story believe.

What you are going to learn is the polar opposite of what is being taught.  While most of it is what I think of as common sense, I am fairly certain what you are going to hear from me won’t be like anything you have ever heard from schools or other so-called “experts” when it comes to bullying.

What does work when it comes to bullying is NOT just learning how to protect yourself when you are attacked, which is what much of the martial arts world and experts would have you believe.  It is NOT turning the other cheek or telling someone else and giving away your power.

What works is what I teach in “Bullies Suck” – teaching how to “Bully Proof” you and your child on the inside and the outside.

Children – and adults – must learn the tools to become mentally and physically strong enough to recognize and handle bullying when it happens – mentally, physically and emotionally – and be able to act in a manner that empowers them and gives them a sense of responsibility and control, instead of instinctive reaction.

I combine philosophies and examples from historical figures – like Jesus, Buddha and Martin Luther King, Jr., – with common sense values, cutting-edge mental training exercises, physical conditioning and proven martial arts techniques into a simple system that any adult can learn or parent can teach their children – even if they have no experience in mental exercises, physical conditioning or martial arts training.

I Understand What You and Your Child Are Going Through Better Than Most – Because I Have Gone from Victim to Victor Personally…

Much of what I teach and how I teach it is probably offensive to the Politically Correct Crowd or the media. Sadly, in today’s society, something as simple as stating the truth can be called things like offensive, insensitive or worse.

Even though what I teach may scare them, sound politically incorrect or go against what they believe THINK works when it comes to bullying – they ought to be booking me to speak or be interviewed anywhere and everywhere they can, because I know this subject intimately.

Not only have I dealt with bullies as a child and later as an adult – but I survived molestation as a child and the whole host of challenges that come along with it – like depression, anxiety, never feeling as if I am good enough, loneliness, hyper-sexuality and more. I am willing to bet that I understand what you and your child is going through at a higher level than almost anyone.

I can’t tell you how many times I have received an e-mail, a phone call or someone has come up to me after reading my materials or hearing me speak and said, “Thank you. You are the first person to really understand what it’s like to go through this. You are the first person to tell me it’s okay to feel like I do and it’s okay for me to stand up for myself, no matter what others may think, say or do.”

I have personally gone from a victim to a victor; it is also why I am dedicated to moving forward as an agent of change, telling the uncensored, unvarnished, bald truth about what really works when it comes to bullying.

But Don’t Believe Me – Here is What Parents, Forward-Thinking Educators & Business Owners are Saying About “Bullies Suck” & The Ultimate Bullying Solution…

“After taking a look at the Ultimate Bullying Solution materials, it is apparent that William Huff, Jr. has done his homework.  

Bullying is a big problem in our schools and communities with the tools of mistreatment including verbal bullying, physical bullying, social isolation, and electronic or cyber-bullying.  

As a professional school counselor with 16 years’ experience, I am aware of the steps being taken in our schools communities address the problem.  Bullying prevention is about establishing policies and procedures for addressing bullying and mistreatment, developing and implementing both staff and student education programs, and developing safe environments for children.

Ultimate Bullying Solution takes all of this into account and then asks “What about the victim?”  Mr. Huff offers up fresh, real ideas and strategies for parents and children to use to prevent mistreatment before it happens and to stop it once it has happened.  

Ultimate Bullying Solution wants children to develop their personal power to become calm, confident, assertive and socially astute boys, girls and teens.  Ultimate Bullying Solution can help children who have been bullied to understand that even though it is not their fault, they can take steps to develop the personal and social competencies avoid being bullied in the future.”

Michael C Kane, MS, EdS, NBCT
National Board Certified Teacher
EC/YA School Counseling

“I would highly recommend anyone Sensei Huff’s coaching/mentoring to anyone needing to change the situation they are in. 

At first I was very hesitant to listen to his or for that matter anyone else’s advice.  I am in my mid 30’s and  I have been teaching the martial arts and  have owned martial arts businesses for over 15 years so I am use to being the one giving the advice, not the one in need of it. 

My situation is probably not unlike the situation of other professionals my age.  I have had considerable success in my field but found I was lacking something; it turns out it really wasn’t that I was lacking something, it was that I had a VERY negative person in my life (my business partner) and our business relationship was making me dread my work and it was starting to carry over in to my personal life. 

I knew I needed to do something drastic in order to get my sanity back.  As it turns out calling Sensei Huff and telling him my situation was probably the most drastic thing I had to do.    The rest was easy with his help. 

He has a unique gift to not only see through the B.S. but more importantly, he has the extraordinary gift of being able to help YOU see through your B.S. – and have you laughing about it, too.  He knew just what to say to get me moving in the direction I needed to go. 

For me it is Sensei’s approach that is the most unique thing ; he doesn’t sugar coat things to make you feel good.  He tells you how he sees it and what’s funny is, for my situation, it was the way I saw things, too; I was just too scared to admit it. 

I can’t say enough how Sensei’s encouraging talks helped me to take the leap I knew I need to take.  To anyone wondering if should take the leap and work with Sensei, I would say a resounding YES!”

-Jason Metcalf

“Thank you once again for the very good advice.  We are absorbing your intelligent bullying proof methods…AND THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING!  Thanks a million!”

-Julie M. Tweedy

“My son is 12 next month and thanks to your bully free seminar that we attended, he is now taking martial arts.  He is really enjoying the lessons, and my husband and I have enjoyed watching him change and blossom all for the better.

He stands up for himself now, and has told the bully who he thought was his friend, that he is no longer his friend.  He has encouraged other kids on the yard to do the same, and so they are no longer in tears from his hurtful words and fists. He stands up for kids that are too afraid to do it for themselves.  We are very proud of him.

My son's study habits have improved, and he has lost weight, and is pushing himself every week with his sports and running.  He has his strength back, both inside and out.

I thank you so much for taking the time to care, and helping people take control of their life.”

-Lorraine Maralian

“Mr. Huff has a natural talent for public speaking.  His training and speaking method’s use of straight talk, engagement, and humor connects with his audience enabling them to truly gain from his presentation. Mr. Huff’s “Bully Proofing Your Business” struck a note with our entire team.  “Victim or Victor…Which do you want to be in business?” has created a paradigm shift much needed (and appreciated) in today’s business environment.”

-Hans Prosch

Vice President
20 Retail Service Locations in California and Arizona

"I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for the seminar.

I am 34 years old and I had recently been fired and have felt so lost and misunderstood and all of a sudden I was taking my son to school and I was listening to the a.m. show and you came on and talked about the bullying and something clicked.

I for the first time in my life had that aha moment and I went home and cried, not just out of pain, but out of relief.  I realized that the very first bully in my life was my father, then the girls at school, then my boyfriends and then the bosses I worked for and I have been carrying this around my whole life.  No wonder I haven't been successful!

I couldn't figure it out and sometimes I just wanted to never wake up, but my son has kept me going and I although I am not a religious person, I asked the universe for help and you came. You can't imagine the tools, very simple tools, that you have given me on my road to recovery.

I never used to smile at people and I always avoided eye-contact; I never quite understood why I did that, I just felt uncomfortable doing it and I felt like I just hated interacting w/ people.  When I left your seminar I had this new power and I am now a smiling fool! And for some reason, it's been easy.

I stand straight and even if someone doesn't necessarily smile back, it doesn't bother me.  I keep doing it.  I get a lot of attention because I am attractive and it used to bother me; now I keep my head up high and I look and smile at every person I pass. Something that is so easy for other people was the hardest thing to do for me. It's crazy – but it all makes sense.

Thank you.”

-Autumn Colley

“Mr. Huff,

At the Academy we always try and keep our lectures and educational experiences interesting for the cadets. When it comes to educating our cadets about bullying and victim behavior, we especially want their full attention. This is a topic we take very seriously and keeping the cadets motivated during this class is always to everyone's benefit.

The cadets appreciated your unique ability for speaking in a way that kept them interested and engaged. The personal stories you shared helped the cadets to see that we all have our difficult histories and negative experiences however it's not if you fall down that matters, but how and if you get up that is important. I appreciated the multidimensional perspective you brought to the topic, discussing the responsibility of the victim as well as other personality traits and habits that influence the bully/victim relationship.

Your ability to use a delicate combination of humor and insight when discussing this serious topic was very effective for this age group. Your military, martial arts and business background also brought a unique perspective to the presentation since these are all things that the majority of our cadets respect and find interesting. You were able to find excellent ways to incorporate your background and experiences into your presentation and the cadets appreciated your insight and level of expertise.

Mr. Huff, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak at our Academy. It's always refreshing to find new talent such as yourself who can get through to teens on a different level. I know the cadets took a great deal from your talk and it has created many discussions and reference points to build from as we move forward with this important topic.

I also would like to thank you for spreading the word about the negative effects of the bully/victim relationship through your books and radio shows. This is a topic that is just now getting the recognition it deserves and much of the school and teen violence we see today could be greatly reduced if more people had the courage and willingness to share their story as you have.

Thank you again and we look forward to having you back soon.”

Chief Karleskint
Lead Counselor
Sunburst Youth Academy

“Bullying. It's such a grade-school word, but it happens all the time and everywhere. Adults, kids, school, neighborhood, workplace, and mall, wherever you are, there's a bully preying on those who don't know how to fight back.

Now they do.

William Huff, Jr.'s exceptional Ultimate Bullying Solution book outlines the facts behind the fiction and the humanity behind the hype while giving you what you need to guide your kids. They really can be bully-proof, but not if you follow the common myths that you hear all the time. The teachers, principals, and so-called experts are really clueless, and that's why bullies continue to win. Not with your kids, though. Not with Ultimate Bullying Solution on your side.

Get it. Read it. Do it.

Bully Proof your kids today.”

Stephen Hultquist
Author, Coach, Business Prophet


"Bullies Suck" Shows You
How to Start Bully Proofing Yourself or Your Child

Here are just some of the tips, tools, philosophies and benefits you and your child will learn from the "Bullies Suck":

  • How to stay calm when being bullied, so your child can react quickly
  • One exercise that will help your child stay focused at home, school and during other activities
  • A simple technique your child can use after a stressful encounter with a bully that will eliminate stress and beat back depression
  • One exercise that will help eliminate fear and anxiety before it comes up
  • What one characteristic in children results in 91% off all bullying – and how your child can avoid it
  • How to project confidence and strength that repels bullies – without saying a word
  • Why how your child walks can increase the chances of being bullied
  • How to talk to a bully without making the situation worse
  • What one form of bullying is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and how to avoid it
  • One simple technique that will stop cyber-bullying almost instantly
  • Three critical steps that parents and kids must take the minute they are the target of a cyber-bully
  • One simple tool you can give your child to build a Bully Proof self-image
  • Why what your child thinks when bullied means the difference between empowerment or depression
  • 4 simple phrases you can teach your child that will make them mentally strong, confident and fearless
  • Show your child how to turn stress into power
  • How to stop your child from being the bully
  • How to turn fear into power with one simple exercise
  • How to fight childhood obesity with three simple exercises
  • The one kind of kids activity that can be done at home, so you don’t have to drive all over town from one activity to the next
  • Increase your child’s flexibility, strength and coordination in just minutes a day
  • And much, much more…

"Bullies Suck" Represents a
Lifetime of Study & Practice

I survived being molested as a child and all the fun things that came along with living through that experience – like feeling worthless and broken, never good enough, anxiety, depression, self-medicating and more. I stood up to the bully in high school that bullied me so badly that I got depressed and wanted to skip school.

On top of those real-life experiences, I have literally read hundreds of books, taken all the courses and taught over 70,000 martial arts classes, working with thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life deal with the bullies in their lives.

I have condensed all of this knowledge, time and investment into “Bullies Suck” that will get you started on the path to Bully Proofing yourself and your children for life.

I don’t think it would be out line to say that the value of this time, energy and information is in the thousands of dollars.  If I was consulting with you personally, it would be hundreds of dollars an hour.  Coaching clients who want to work with me personally pay $500 for an initial two hour session and it usually leads to a program where we work together for a minimum of a year and thousands of dollars.

My telecoaching program, where I work with parents and adults in eliminating bullies in their personal and professional lives, is valued in the thousands of dollars a year.

 But, you won’t have to spend a fraction of that to get your hands on this vital information. You can get the book “Bullies Suck” for only $27.

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$2.99 (On Amazon Kindle)

“But Sensei – Why Aren’t You Giving This Away for Free? Bullying is Such a Huge Problem and It’s Not Fair to Make Money Off of It…”

I can’t tell you how many people have given me a hard time for charging anything for my books, courses, speaking engagements and membership sites.

It is the guilt tactics like, “you-are-greedy-making-money-off-of-people” and vilifying people for their hard work, success and expertise developed over a lifetime that is harming our country. They have all been leveled at me regarding charging for this information and my guidance, especially since there are truckloads of free information online regarding bullying.

To which I have to say this: the reason there is a truckload of information available online for free is simple…

If all the "Free" information out there on bullying worked and had any value at all, someone would be charging for it. Fact is, almost all the information out there doesn’t work. It’s outdated. It’s the same, worn-out, gee-why-can’t-we-all-be-friends B.S. that has been taught forever.  It has no value.  That is why it is free. And, you would be surprised at the number of "experts" out there that DO charge for their information. They are usually selling to schools, trying to get their programs into the school system or trying to get hired for an assembly.

I decided to turn this model on its head; I don't want to go through or to the schools. They don't agree with what I say and I am not a fan of wasting my time or breath on someone or some entity that has made up their mind and refuses to listen. I decided to go straight to the source. YOU. This is information is timely, powerful and necessary; it cannot be passed down second hand from a child to their parents or any other way. It has to get straight to the people who value it, want it and can take action on it.

Which brings me to the next point about charging for this information – there is an old saying in business that is true; "Ears that pay listen better than ears that do not."  One of the golden rules of life is that any advice that you get for free is worth EXACTLY what you pay for it. By paying for something, you value it and take care of it. When you get something for free, you don't care about it and don't take action on it.

I purposely added very valuable bonuses to this offer (which you find out about in a minute) and made sure to keep the price very low. I figure just about anyone can afford $2.99 for a book that could change their life forever. Since I am the kind of guy who will tell you if you have broccoli in your teeth, let me say that if $2.99 sounds expensive to you then quite bluntly – you may have a priority problem.

If you don’t think a lifetime of knowledge, experience, study and helping people all condensed down into something that can help you and your child become bully proof for life is worth roughly about a week’s worth of coffee from Starbucks, then I might not be able to help you.

What Is More Valuable – A Truckload of Elephant Dung or an Ounce of Gold?

There are literally truckloads of information available for free online.  If you printed it all out, it would probably weigh a ton.  So what? Just because a book or course may be the size of “War and Peace” doesn’t mean it is worth anything.

But an ounce of gold – something that fits easily in the palm of your hand – is worth over a thousand dollars.  Why?  Because gold makes people feel safe. It makes them feel as if they have something of value. People think that if all else fails and monetary systems collapse, gold will protect them.

If that is what people think of gold, then the information in the Ultimate Bullying Solution for Parents is pure platinum.  It will make you and your child feel safe.  It will teach you how to protect yourselves from the bullies in your life – past, present and future.

It will get you and your child feeling more valuable as you love, honor and respect yourselves and others more.  And, when all else fails, you and your child will have the tools to protect yourselves should the situation arise.

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$2.99 (On Amazon Kindle)

Bonus #1 – You Are Also Going to Get the Report, "Street Smart Safety Guide: 23 Common Sense Safety Tips"  – FREE

This report – normally $27 – is jam-packed with 23 common sense safety tips that adults can use to keep themselves safe and can also teach their kids.

Out here in California, there was a national news story of a man who was abducting, raping and then killing young women. After he was finally caught, it was revealed that one woman that the man tried to abduct had gotten away, gone to the police and given information that helped lead to his capture.

The information in this report is contains some of the very same tips and techniques the woman said she used to stay aware, which gave her the split-second she needed to get away when the man attacked her. The information in this report could literally save your life or the life of your child.

Broken down into bite-sized, simple tips, this report is easily digestible, easy to learn and simple to teach to others. If you or your child uses just ONE of the tips in this report and it keeps you safe, then you really can’t put a price on how valuable that is, can you?

Bonus #2 – The Never-Released-Before E-Book, “The Master Key to Living B.S. Free: 9 Ways You May Be Attracting Bullies, Energy Suckers  & Negative B.S Into Your Life & How to Fix It”

I stumbled across these works while digging through my files, reviewing all the material I had created, seeing if there was something in there that was a “nugget of gold”; I really wanted to offer something of great value to go along with the book, “Bullies Suck”.

I found this book that I had written a few years back and without thinking, sent it to a friend and mentor of mine. Within a few hours, both of them had contacted me and said that this book was like a seminar worth thousands of dollars, all squeezed into a compact, powerful book.

One of them even told me if he had gotten this book, he could have saved himself thousands in seminars and counseling, as the principles I laid out in this book were some of the exact same things he had paid thousands and spent countless hours learning. He said what he liked the most was how sharp and to the point the material was; “All meat, no potatoes” was the description he used.

I thought they were both pulling my leg, so I went in to review and edit – and while I can’t allow myself to agree with them, I can say that I forgot how powerful the information in this book was. It literally IS a seminar in every chapter.

As a matter of fact, I am thinking about revising and expanding it, and then possibly turning it into a seminar, because it is that powerful. As a combination day-long seminar/course and book, it is easily worth thousands of dollars, but don’t believe me; see for yourself…

When you get the “Bullies Suck” book, you are going to get “The Master Key to Living B.S. Free” book – FREE.

You Are About to Get Your Hands On Thousands and Thousands of Dollars in the Latest, Hard-hitting, Cutting Edge Bully Proofing Information
that Works in the Real World…

So, let’s review; for only $2.99 you are going to get “Bullies Suck: How to Stop Bullying & Cyber Bullying in Schools, at Work & at Home” the E-report, "Street Smart Safety Tips", the never-released-before E-book, "The Master Key to Living B.S. Free" – both via digital download

Even Amazon Doesn’t Beat My Guarantee – Here is My
“No Hassle, No Weasling, No B.S.,Treat-Others-As-You-Wish-to-be-Treated” Guarantee

With the thousands and thousands of dollars of valuable information you are about to get, along with the very affordable price, and being living proof that this stuff works, I didn’t think I needed to offer a guarantee.

But, I understand that there are some folks out there that for whatever reason, find ways NOT to take action on something out of fear of loss.

Well, with the 800 pound gorilla Amazon, if you aren’t happy with an e-book purchase, you have to take action within seven days or you can’t return or get a refund, and once you do the return and get a refund, you can’t have access to the information any more.

With me, you can contact me anytime if you want a refund for the e-book – and you can keep all the information, too.

So, get a copy of “Bullies Suck” and I will give you my No Hassle, No Weaseling, No B.S., Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated Guarantee. If you don’t like the information or it doesn’t work, simply contact us for a full refund and you can keep the information. No harm, no foul.

It is No Coincidence That You Are Here Right Now

There is an old saying in the marital arts, “When the student in ready, the teacher will appear.”

You know that it is up to you to find a way to help your child eliminate the bullies in his or her life; the question is…

Are You and Your Child Going to be the Victim or the Victor?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am not the “pat-you-on-the-back” kind of Sensei.

I am allergic to being politically correct and my B.S. filter was removed in the Marine Corps, so I am not going to sit her and puke up all the “Let’s-just-hold-hands-and-be-friends-with-the-bully” drivel that is still taught today.

So, before I get to the cost of “Bullies Suck”, let me just ask: what is the cost if you just sit there and do nothing, running to the teachers, counselors, school systems, human resources department, or who-knows-who, just like every other victim out there?  What is going to happen?

Don’t want to answer?  I have been accused of giving people a truth ache, so I’ll answer for you, even though I know you don’t want to hear it…

NOTHING!  That is what is going to happen.  Absolutely nothing.

You and your child will stay the victims.  The teachers will still be overwhelmed or not interested in getting involved, the counselors will wring their hands and show concern and the school system will talk about how their “anti-bullying” campaign is one of the best in the county…

And all the while, you and your child will still be victims of bullies, left to struggle and deal with it using old, outdated methods that never worked in the first place.  Left on this path, it leads to emotional scarring, depression…or worse.

There are no coincidences in life.  You are here for a reason.  You are a “doer” – the type of person that takes action.  You are here because you are sick and damn tired of bullies and you have figured out that teachers, counselors and the school systems simply are not up to the task.  They are not the answer – you are.

I did my part – I created “Bullies Suck” – now it is time for you “step up” and do yours.

Here Is What I Want You to Do Now…

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William Huff, Jr.
Creator, "Bullies Suck" & Ultimate Bullying Solution Society™
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P.P.S. Why are you still reading?  Don’t delay another second…

I heard a great quote on procrastination: “By procrastinating to make sure something is perfect or, to make sure that the decision is perfect, man can avoid ever making a decision, therefore never making a mistake and having a great excuse as to why they have accomplished nothing.”

If you procrastinate, it means you are afraid.  Being afraid is okay; everyone gets afraid from time to time.  Allowing the fear to control you and prevent you making decisions or taking action on something you know is good for you- is not.

I know it is the decisions I DID NOT make that I regret more than the ones I did make; after this moment, you want to leave here thankful you made a decision versus wishing later on that you had.

P.P.P.S. – I already talked to you about my guarantee, but I forgot to add a SECOND guarantee – so here is my rock-solid, 100% No B.S., Can’t Miss Guarantee…

I GUARANTEE your life is not going to change one iota if you don’t DO SOMETHING.  Nothing is going to change unless YOU do.  My Granddaddy used to tell me that the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Expecting the information being taught in schools to magically start working – after hundreds of years of being wrong, not working and having bullying still be a major part of our children’s lives – is insane.

For a measly $2.99, you can TAKE ACTION and start seeing results in you and your child’s life immediately.  If you don’t see the enormous value of what you are getting or, if you don’t think you or your child is worth $2.99 – that is ROUGH.

P.P.P.P.S. – You may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy anything from you and allow you to be the person that coaches me?”  Simple. I know what it is like to be a victim and I know how it feels to become the victor.  I’ve helped thousands do the same thing, and I know I can help you, too.

I also want to stay in business for a long, long time.  If I am running around, screwing people out of their money and selling them information that sucks, the word will get around pretty quickly and I will fail.  That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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