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The Bully Proof Brigade was formed for the sole purpose of “spreading the word” to parents and kids about what really works when it comes to dealing with bullies.

In a perfect world, everything we have been taught as children and adults would work, and bullying wouldn’t be as invasive, persistent and sometimes deadly as it is now.

Since you are reading this, I am guessing that you have figured out – like I did – that everything that is being taught about bullying DOES NOT work; the school systems hands are tied and more importantly, you are the kind of parent that wants to teach your child to be strong, resilient and self-reliant.

As the victim of molestation and bullying as a child, then as a Coach and Sensei to thousands and thousands of people just like you, I finally “unlocked the vault” and found the secrets to what really works when it comes to dealing with bullies, energy suckers and negative B.S.

What you’re about to learn is the result of all my experience, research and personal experimentation. Below are the courses, articles, videos, audio trainings and more that are going to change your life and the life of your child – and they are only a click away from you now.

All information is self-paced and, regardless of what program you start with, what is most important is that you GET STARTED!

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